Since our inception, CFBMC has collaborated with other community organizations to leverage resources and address critical community needs. A sampling of ways we collaborate across Bloomington and Monroe County are highlighted below.
Monroe Smart Start Birth-to-Five Coalition
smart-start Monroe Smart Start is a coalition of public and private organizations, businesses, and parents who are working together to ensure that local children enter school healthy, well-cared for, and ready to succeed in school and in life. The Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County (CFBMC) and the United Way of Monroe County joined forces as founding members of Monroe Smart Start following a year of investigation by the Education Task Force of CFBMC. Today, Monroe Smart Start and CFBMC are working together to increase opportunities for children to attend a quality preschool program and to improve the quality of early childhood education across the county.
Nonprofit Alliance of Monroe County
NPAlogo2 The Nonprofit Alliance of Monroe County is a collaboration among some 400 nonprofit organizations in and around Monroe County. The NPA is sponsored by the Community Foundation, United Way, the City of Bloomington and Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs to bring training, networking, and outreach opportunities to the nonprofit sector. NPA also publishes a weekly e-newsletter keeping the nonprofit community informed about opportunities, professional resources, and new research. These tools help strengthen the operations of all nonprofit organizations and prepare future professionals.
City of Bloomington
city_of_bloomington_logo The Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County has forged a close partnership with the City of Bloomington. Together, both entities have supported innovation and impact in Bloomington.

Be More Awards

The annual Be More Awards honor and applaud the significant contribution volunteers makes to the health and well-being of our community. Each recipient receives a $500 check from the Community Foundation for the charity of their choosing.

Serve IT
serveitlogo Often small nonprofits do not have the resources necessary to fulfill their information technology needs. Serve IT is the bridge that connects IU students who have in-demand technology skills with the nonprofits who need them. Serve IT is a community information technology clinic housed in the IU School of Informatics and Computing. However, it is a collaborative effort involving many different partners within Indiana University and the greater Monroe County area. University partners include the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA), University Information Technology Services (UITS), and the IU Office of Service Learning. Community collaborators include the Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County, City of Bloomington, The United Way of Monroe County, and the Bloomington Volunteer Network.
Smithville Charitable Foundation
SmithvilleCharitableFoundationlogo_CMYK The Smithville Charitable Foundation is a private organization that works to support causes related to religion, education, health, poverty relief, and other issues. The Smithville Charitable Foundation and the Community Foundation often work collaboratively by leveraging our combined resources to fuel innovation that addresses our communities more pressing needs and compelling opportunities.

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