The Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County would like to congratulate the following scholarship recipients:

2019 Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship

Christian Gettelfinger, Bloomington High School North
Calvin Prenkert, Bloomington High School South

2019 JPMorgan Chase Bank Scholarship

Jerrett Alexander, Bloomington High School North
Nidhi Krishnan, Bloomington High School South
Wilson Zinkan, Bloomington High School South

2019 Community Foundation Scholarship

Caroline Cherry, Bloomington High School North
Hope Gummere, Bloomington High School South
Jordan Monson, Bloomington High School South
Jonathan Rickert, Bloomington High School North
Noelle Simoneaux, Edgewood High School

2018 Monroe County Ag Day Scholarship

Shaunacee Cook, Bloomington High School South
Mikayla Deckard, Edgewood High School

2018 Carl Deal, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Wolfe Allen, Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship

2018 Smithville Scholarship for Technology

Tyler Lunn, Edgewood High School

2018 Stinesville High School Alumni Scholarship

Emily Headdy, Edgewood High School

2018 Maurice E. and Frances Harding Endwright Scholarship

Emily Headdy, Edgewood High School
Josephine Pace, Edgewood High School

2018 Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Club Betty Burnett Welke Scholarship

Rebecca Elson, Indiana University

2018 Judy Talley Memorial Scholarship

Emily Hass, Indiana University

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