Community Foundations are somewhat unique in the world of nonprofits because of the flexibility our organizational charters allow in addressing and responding to the needs and opportunities of the communities we serve. From the arts to education, economic development, social services and beyond, our areas of support can be both broad and deep depending upon the focus of the many funds we manage for the benefit of Monroe County.

The work of the Community Foundation is diverse but can be divided into four categories:  Leadership Initiatives, Competitive GrantingSupporting Local Agencies and Supporting Donor Advisors. Through efforts in these four areas, the Community Foundation will return $1.5 million to our community in fiscal year 2019. As you explore our website further you will find a great deal more information about the work we do and the people that make it possible. The Community Foundation is powered by the vision of people and organizations who share their charitable gifts for the purpose of empowering the Community Foundation to truly make a difference in Monroe County. Our impact is lasting and is made possible by inspired partnerships.

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