1Our caring donors, trustees, staff and partners have deep roots in Monroe County.

2We invest in strategic opportunities to improve the quality of life for children, families and all residents.

3We multiply charitable impact by bringing donors together around causes they care about most.

4We engage with community leaders, convening on issues and coordinating resources to create positive change.

5You can create a personal legacy by establishing a named fund or supporting a great cause through an existing fund.

6We offer personalized expertise that helps individuals, families, businesses and agencies make the wisest choices for philanthropic dollars.

7You can use a wide variety of assets (from cash and IRAs to real estate and more) for lifetime and estate giving.

8We can partner with your professional advisor to create highly effective approaches to fulfilling your philanthropic passions.

9You receive maximum tax advantage under state and federal laws.

10We build endowed funds that benefit all aspects of our community, today and tomorrow.

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