Donor advised funds give donors the opportunity to play an active, personal role in their charitable giving while relying upon the Community Foundation’s experience in fund management and grantmaking.

The benefits of donor advised funds include:

  • The opportunity to shape philanthropic giving to reflect special interests and concerns
  • The ability to involve future generations in philanthropy, if desired
  • Access to current information on community needs, programs, and agencies through the Community Foundation’s knowledgeable staff
  • Options for creating both short-term and perpetual impact for the community
  • Immediate tax benefits

Donor Advised Funds are often a viable option for donors considering private foundations. For a comparison view this document.

Below you will find resources available to you as a key partner in philanthropy:

toggle_openDonor Advised Funds Overview

toggle_openDistribution Suggestion Form

toggle_openDonor Privacy Policy

toggle_openEndowed Fund Distribution Policy

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