Privacy Policy

The Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County (CFBMC) takes the privacy of our donors very seriously. We maintain the following policies to assure our donors that their personal information will be protected and will not be shared inappropriately.

Information Collection

CFBMC collects, uses, and maintains the following information from donors:

  • Contact Information: information name, company name, job title, complete address(es), telephone number(s), email address(es), and relationships  (if applicable)
  • Donation Information: check numbers, credit card number and expiration date, amount donated, donor comments and suggestions, and giving history.

The Community Foundation does not receive or process any credit card information.  A link is provided on the Foundation’s website to processes all online donations given to the foundation using credit card processor, Cybersource.  The JustGive safety and security measures can be viewed on the homepage.

Information Use

CFBMC will not sell, rent, or lease donor information to other organizations.

CFBMC will use donor information in the following ways:

  • Help donors complete transactions
  • Thank donors for their gifts
  • Update donors about organizational activity
  • Recognize donors
  • Distribute gift receipts or statements
  • Inform donors about upcoming events and fundraisers
  • Analyze internal productivity and effectiveness
  • Report to relevant federal and state agencies
  • Contact donors about changes to this statement

As part of our donor recognition efforts, CFBMC may publicize donor names through its annual report, newsletters, website, donor exhibits, and promotional materials (i.e., in the case of sponsorships). Generally, the specific gift amount will not be identified, but the donor will be recognized under the level of giving category that is appropriate to their donation. Donors always have the option of remaining “anonymous” when making a donation and will not be publicly recognized.

Access to Information

Access to donor information is strictly limited to CFBMC personnel who need to process data. No unnecessary person, group or organization will be allowed to access such data except in very limited situations and with strict guidelines. These situations would include:

Board and Committee Members.  Board members and Community Foundation Committee members may be given information on the names of donors, donor history and the amount of gifts if needed to fulfill their responsibilities as directors of the organization. All board members, committee members and staff are required to maintain the confidentiality of donor information and signify their understanding of this requirement by signing a confidentiality statement every fiscal year.

Fund Representatives.  Only Fund Representatives are authorized to receive fund statements or information concerning activities of the fund.   This may include the names of donors to the fund.  However, gift amounts are not to be released without the express consent of the donor.  In limited situations, the Foundation’s CEO may approve a request from the Fund Representative for addresses if required for the express purpose of thanking donors.  Donor addresses will not be provided to nonprofit fund representatives without the consent of the donor.

The donor(s) who signs the founding documents is the Fund Representative. The CEO of a nonprofit agency that has an agency endowment is the Fund Representative. A donor may petition the Community Foundation in writing to designate another fund representative or representatives. Previously designated successive generation donor advisors will be fund representatives once they receive donor privilege upon the death of a donor.

The Community Foundation will provide the chief financial officer of a nonprofit agency information about its named endowment. Release of fund information to a nonprofit’s auditors will be done only upon the written request of the Fund Representative.

Matching gift programs like the Foundation’s Matchstick Initiative may require a greater level of information sharing than most gifting situations.  To accurately monitor progress towards matching thresholds, it may be necessary for the Foundation and the Agency participating in the matching initiative to share information on gifts and gift amounts.  Such information will be shared between the Foundation and the Fund Representative with the understanding that the Agency will abide by this privacy policy.  Information on anonymous gifts will not be provided.

Memorial or Tribute Gifts.  The names of donors making gifts in memoriam or in tribute may be released to the honoree, next of kin, or appropriate member of the immediate family, unless otherwise specified by the donor.  Gift amounts are not to be released without express consent of the donor.  Addresses may be provided to the honoree, next of kin, or appropriate member of the immediate family if they are required for the express purpose of thanking the donors.

Auditors.  The Foundation’s auditors are authorized to review donor and prospect records as required for the purposes for which they are engaged.

Fund Agreements.  Fund agreements are considered “strictly confidential” and are not public documents. Particulars of a fund document will not be shared with the general public or with fund recipients unless the donor has granted permission to do this or unless these details are essential to be shared in order for the fund to be administered as desired by the donor.  A fund description may be included in various Foundation publications if, in accordance with the donor’s intent, additional donations to the fund are permitted or desired.

Opting Out of Mailings and Solicitations

CFBMC may contact donors through direct mail, e-mail, social networking resources, and telephone. Any donor may request that the Foundation remove their name from some or all CFBMC mailing lists.  Donors may also specify a preferred method of contact.

Contact Us

If you have questions or comments about our donor privacy policy, please send an email to  or call CFBMC at (812) 333-9016.

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